Setting up your PCCs on Events 365

The first time you launch the application, you will be presented with a PCC setup screen.

Agency/PCC name - This is the unique name of your agency or PCC location

PCC - This is the alphanumeric value for your PCC

Phone - General phone number for the location

Expected number of Events 365 users - This allows us to better understand the potential usage by our PCC.

Primary Contact Information - This is the individual we would contact if there are any questions/concerns that would require us to reach out to your agency.

Financial Contact Information - This is the individual we would contact if there are any financial related questions, including commissions payouts.

After entering all of the information on the form, you have three options to save the PCC information:

Create PCC & Find Tickets - This will create your PCC and take you to the creation details page.

Clear details & Create another - Each time you select this button, the information on the screen will be used to create the PCC in our system and clear the screen. This allows you to create multiple PCCs if your agency has more than one. 

Keep details & Create another - This option allows the same as above except only the Agency/PCC name and PCC values will be cleared. Those values must be unique in our system.


Once your PCC is setup, all your agents have to do is pull up a PNR and launch our applications.  See our How to use Events 365 support documents for a more detailed set of instructions on our RedApp.

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