How to Order the Events 365 RedApp

To order the Events 365 RedApp, your user account should first have Admin privileges. If you do not have Admin privileges, contact your Admin to order Events 365. If your agency does not have an Admin, please contact Sabre support to be setup as an Admin.


Once you have the proper permissions all you have to do is go to the Events 365 by Ticket Evolution page in the Sabre RedApp Directory and select the Order Now button.


You will now be taken through a series of screens that walks you through the ordering process.

On the first screen select the Manual Activation Order button.

Next Select the Build a List of PCCs if you have more than one PCC that you would like to have access to Events 365. You can select the My PCC Only option if you only have one PCC.

Leave the Order on PCC level option selected and select Next button. This will give all agents under the PCC access to the application.

Select the I agree to the Terms and Conditions checkbox and press the Place Order button. 

Your order is now placed and ready to be turned on by you for your agents. Press the Next button to continue with the setup process.

You are now set to activate Events 365 for your company. Follow the instructions from the links below.

Read a tutorial: 

Watch a video:

Email Me:

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