Purchasing Event Tickets for the traveller

Select tickets by Clicking on the Purchase Button from the ticket listing page for a particular event.


You will then be asked to enter in the customers e-mail address.  This is the e-mail address that will be used to send communications to the traveller.

The next screen will require billing information.  As the agent, you can decide to use the traveller's billing information or your company's billing information.  This allows you to control how the traveller will be charged.


Prior to completing the transaction, you are presented with a Review page.  This page will detail the specifics of the order.


After selecting Place Order, the order will be submitted and you will be presented with a Confirmation Page with an order id.  This Order ID is what you will use to communicate with our Customer Support in case any issues arise.

Once order is placed, the information for the event will be written back to the PNR.

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