What if the event is cancelled or postponed?

If the event if postponed, tell the traveler to hold on to the original tickets. In the case of an event being rescheduled, the tickets will be honored for admission. 

If the event is completely cancelled and will not be rescheduled to a new date, the traveler may be eligible for a full refund less the shipping fees already used to ship the original tickets, depending on the circumstances and policy of the venue. In most cases, we will process a refund and return the sale amount less shipping fees already incurred to the purchasing credit card. In some cases, the traveler will need to return all tickets to Customer Service for the refund to be processed. If the event is completely cancelled and tickets must be returned to original seller, have the traveler send tickets via registered U.S. mail or overnight shipping to the seller. Our support team will provide you with the a airbill.

The refund will typically be processed within 30 days.

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