Create An Order & Buy Tickets

When viewing inventory for an event, you have the ability to select your section and seats.

You purchase tickets for your customer by going through the Create Order process. Click on ( + ) Button to show Create Order tab, this will take you to the Sell Page.


Sell Page shows the seats your are purchasing, and allows you to select the quantity of tickets you want.

Select the Sale Price.

  • The Purchase Price is the amount you are buying the tickets for.
  • The Sale Price is what you are selling the tickets to your customer for.

Select who you are Selling To.

  • You can create a new customer by clicking on the button next to the text box.

Select the Sale Payment Type and Select Card.

  • You can create a new payment type by clicking on the Add a New Card button.

Select the Email your customer has provided.

  • You can add a new email for your customer if they do not have one associated with their account by clicking on the Add a New Email button. 


Complete Sale Totals column.

  • This is where you ca add an additional cost, service fee, and discount. (Your customer will be able to view this)

Hit Submit Order when all the information has been completed.

*Note: If your is already created, when you search their name in the Selling To column the information should autofill.



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